Soil Crusher – Eco Trs

– High strength and high productivity;
– Special cutting blade, the more friction and shock over the steel hardens;
– Crunches very humid SOIL, wet and dry;
– It is also used to break up the lumps formed in the mixture of compound (soil + cement);

Adequate equipment standards:

– CE Seal (European Community);
– SGS Conformit;
– NR 12 (Work Safety in Machinery and Equipment);
– NR 10 (Security Facilities and Services in Electricity);

Contributing to the security and effective health of the operator / worker and avoiding future problems for the buyer / entrepreneur.


Under materials of different nomenclatures and formulations according to the needs required, MIG welding system high penetration designed to last and resist wear due to the different types of abrasive material being crushed;

Special Paint – Electrostatic Powder:

Cleaning products degreasing, phosphatization, descale and rinsing at high pressure, paint application Electrostatic powder goes to the oven and cure at 210 degrees Celsius, giving longer life to the layer;


Up to 72 m³ daily (8 hours);


– Length 0.600 mm (0.60 meters);
– Width 1.050 mm (1.05 meters);
– Height 1.430 mm (1.43 meters);

Constructive Form:

In cone;

Cutting Speed:

6.960 movements / minute, in relation to material inlet (feed);

Cutting blades:

Steels with an average hardness of 200 HB, the more friction and more shock hardening steel, high wear resistance, impact and pressure;


Motor 5 CV, 220/380 volt, 50 or 60Hz, 4 Polos, IP 65 (shielded);


– Start Key with contactor and thermal relay;


Net – 70 Kg
Packaging – 100 Kg