Misturador – Eco Mix Force 800


– Mix with high strength equipment;
– Cloistered Mix preventing the escape of moisture;
– Internal Storage, leaving the free drum for a new mixing cycle;
– Particle crusher at the bottom, finishing the preparation of the compound;
– Side Working platform with non-slip floor with access by stairs with guard in all its extension;

Eco Mix Force

Homogeneous mixture, a Mix of equipment making it an efficient set with high robustness, cloistered and inserted in the Rules. The closure prevents escape of ideal humidity in the mix, contains internal deposit acting with excellence, allowing complete mixing, leaving free the drum for a new cycle, although still the load has not been released to the crusher, autonomy to the equipment causing the process faster, eliminating wasted time and unnecessary staff stops. At the bottom of the deposit is coupled particles crusher, finalizing the preparation of the compound.

Adequate equipment Standards:

– EC Seal (European Community);
– SGS Conformity;
– NR 12 (Safety in machinery and equipment);
– NR 10 (Security Facilities and Services in Electricity);

Contributing to the security and effective health of the operator / worker and avoiding future problems for the buyer / entrepreneur.

Mixture and Homogenized:

Mix Soil and triturated construction waste, industrial and domestic, cement or other compounds with practicality, efficiency, low operating cost, with excellent cost / benefit;


Under materials of various formulas and nomenclatures in Accordance to the need required, designed to last and resist wear due to the various types of abrasive materials being mixed and crushed;

Special Paint – Electrostatic Powder:

Cleaning products degreasing, phosphatization, descale and rinsing at high pressure, paint application Electrostatic powder goes to the oven and cure at 210 degrees Celsius, giving longer life to the layer;


Up to 69 cycles (complete mixing) daily without interruption;

Maximum weight for batch:

400 kilos;

Total dimensions of Ecomix:

– Length 3.550 mm (3,55 meters);
– Width 2.380 mm (2,38 meters);
– Height 3.615 mm (3,615 meters);


Drum Mixer System:

Barrel on Octagonal system, rotating in the orbital system to provide a unique mixture with movements in cascade form and by logical movements causing the product goes from side to side in a sequential manner, provided with inlet and outlet cover, movable by system pneumatically to open and close;

System Programmed Stop:

It has programmed stoppages for loading the product and moisture analysis point;


In rotary motion;

Movements Drum Mixer:

Moto-Reducer Geared of 4cv with Brake coupled, 220/380 volt, 50 or 60Hz, 4 Polos, IP 65 (shielded);



Enclosed and fixed to by screws, top coif for input material, side opening in end to end for cleaning or body access, acrylic door giving visual freedom and verification of moisture, Monitored Key system, if the acrylic door is opened in operating the machine immediately;

Part Intermediate:

Mainframe, cloistered, is the union of the drum, deposit, crusher, platform and command all ECO MIX FORCE as electrical, mechanical and pneumatic, at the bottom is fitted alert lid open / close, moved by pneumatic system;


Moto-vibrator 35 kilos capacity, fixed at the bottom of the chassis / deposit;

Lower Part:

This fixed by screws the CRUSHER and Eco Mix lifting bases;


Side work for personal mobility with non-slip floor with his ladder, with Body protection in all its extension;


Constructive Form:

In cone;

Cutting Speed:

6.960 movements / minute, in relation to material inlet (feed);

Cutting Blades:

Steels with an average hardness of 200 HB, the more friction and more shock hardening steel, high wear resistance, impact and pressure;

Movement of Crusher:

Motor 5 CV, 220/380 volt, 50 or 60Hz, 4 Polos, IP65 (shielded);


– Electrical Control Panel mixer and crusher drum;
– Control and Movement of Pneumatic System;


Net – 500 Kg
Packaging – 600 Kg