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– The Ecological Bricks machine most sold in the world;
– Loading and pressing hydraulically actuated by a lever;
– Low maintenance cost;

Produces two measures (30 x 15cm or 12.5 x 25cm) in a single device through the interchangeable mold box.
Only Eco Maquinas world leader to industrialize products that help the environment, we operate in over 50 countries.

Adequate equipment standards:

– CE Seal (European Community);
– SGS Conformit;
– NR 10 (Security Facilities and Services in Electricity);


Patent granted in various countries;


By Precision Machining Technology, in materials of different nomenclatures and formulas according to the need required, great wear resistance due to the various types of abrasive materials being pressed. Machine more than 15 years working and producing bricks and floors, certifying our quality and the materials used in our machines;

Operational system:

It is designed to use only one operator, which performs double lever by an operation for charging the mold box and the other to press and removes the blocks or bricks.

LOADING HYDRAULIC – Giving faster loader box, gliding over the lower tabs of treated steel and higher nylon which is self-lubricating material with a low coefficient of friction, the loader box is moved by a hydraulic piston, providing precision cycle loading the compound to be pressed into the mold box;

PRESSING AND REMOVING – The hydraulic conjugate system / mechanical press to down and raises the brick at the level of hands to be removed to rise. The successive and constant operations increase the production of the machine;


Up to 3,500 units daily (8 hours worked without interruption);

Measures bricks and Floors:

Produces two measures (30 x 15cm or 12.5 x 25cm) in a single device through the interchangeable mold box, just change it.

Length – 299mm;
Width – 150mm;
Height – up to 75mm;
or Length – 249mm;
Width – 125mm;
Height – up to 75mm;

Heated Matrix:

Developed specifically to meet the physical aspects of the bricks in very wet areas or where the soil is clayey, improving the finish and giving them sharp edges, facilitating their removal and providing smooth walls;

Modelling Matrix:

Standard Modular matrices, standard fitting;

– 01 kit matrix modular brick;
– 01 kit matrix half modular brick;
– 01 kit matrix brick channel;

Mobile bearings

Excellent slip, with Automatic Cleaning System and lubrication of the columns prevents the attachment of the abrasive material giving them longer life;

Mold box:

The most versatile in the market for enabling various models of bricks in a single device without the need to purchase another machine, made of sheet metal treated and rectified, with exchange of interchangeable matrices in its ends;


– 4 points to greasing by nozzle for grease ;
– Indispensable technical care to regular and permanent basis, require daily cleaning excellent in the machine, preventing dust or soil waste and cement incrustem in its structure;

Deposit Box:

Their tapered side their main characteristic provide an efficient and fast sliding compound (soil + cement) and deposited there by gravity fill the Loader Box;


Up to 6 tonnes per cycle;

Hydraulic pump:

Manufactured with the latest technology, light, compact, quiet and has a large power in small volume, perfectly aligned and coupled to the electric motor;

Hydraulic command:

Double lever, scaled to meet the requirements of the machine;

Hydraulic hoses:

Resistant to high pressure, pressed the standardized metal connections, secure, leak-proof and resistant;

Hydraulic cylinder:

Double action and pressing, made with standard materials and in technical standards;

Oil tank:

Reservoir for hydraulic oil, equipped with level gauge and oil temperature indicator with 2 cover “for supplies, sigh and drain;

Cooling System:

Composed of a radiator especially dimensioned air deflector and electric fan connected to the deflector (the electro-fan is intended to ventilate the heat radiator dissipates). This set with forced ventilation is strategically installed;


Bipartite, chrome-plated with hard chrome; The electro of hard chrome position is recognized to prolong the durability of the columns subject to abrasion, it is widely applied in areas repellency solid, which is the case in which soil and cement are used;

Electric Motor:

Three-phase, 220 / 380V, 50 or 60Hz, 4-pole, IP 65 (shielded);

Actuation box:

With on-off pushbutton, compatible with the power and motor voltage;

Sensor end of electrical course:

Security system interlocked in the circuits of the counters that automatically disarms the electric motor if the loader box and cylinder presses are actuated simultaneously or are out of position, protecting the moving parts of the machine;

Bottom cover:

Strategically installed by metal shields that aims to collect and reuse the soil that may come to fall out;

Reinforced structure:

Made in profiles and sheets of special steels (treated or not), designed and dimensioned for each required function, consisting of a base giving enhanced robustness to the structure integrating fully the master columns;

Fixation System:

Compound galvanized screws and self-locking nuts;

Safety Signs:

All moving parts receive reflective stickers with the necessary safety precautions;

Mounting System:

We use matrices serial production of high performance giving consistent quality (equal to another) the parts produced. The possible need to exchange parts, here on Eco Maquinas you will have no problem with replacement;

Soldering System:

MIG high penetration and resistance, operated by qualified and experienced professionals;


The leveling machine provides great stability given special base in concrete, since its robust structure is fully connected to the master columns;

Special paint – Electrostatic powder:

Cleaning degreasing product, phosphatizant and descaling and rinsing at high pressure, ink Electrostatic powder goes to the oven and cure at 210 degrees Celsius, giving longer life to painting;

Dimensions of the product:

– Length –
– Width –
– Height –


Net –
Packed –

Produzindo Tijolo Ecológico com encaixe
Produzindo Tijolo Ecológico sem encaixe
Produzindo Tijolo Ecológico Canaleta
Mudando de Tijolo Ecológico sem encaixe para Piso Ecológico
Produzindo Piso Ecológico Chanfrado