Eco Master Double Automatic


• Produce up to 3500 units of blocks, bricks or ecological floors (in 8 hours);
• Automatic loading and pressing hydraulic;
• Software with numerous advantages for production;
• Two measures of bricks or ecological floors 12,5x25cm or 15x30cm with up to 14cm height in a single equipment;
• Minimum energy consumption and low maintenance cost;

Adequate equipment standards:

– CE Seal (European Community);
– SGS Conformity;
– NR 12 (Safety in Machinery and Equipment);
– NR 10 (Security Facilities and Services in Electricity);

Contributing to the security and effective health of the operator / worker and avoiding future problems for the buyer / entrepreneur. The machine, fully enclosed and all access and monitored;


Invention patent granted in several countries;


Through the precision machining technology, in materials of different formulas and nomenclatures according to the needs required, developed for great effort due the press, and a great abrasion resistance due the various types of abrasive materials being pressed, machines more than 15 years working and producing bricks and floors, testifies our quality and materials used in our machines;


Up to 3500 daily units (8 hours worked without interruption);

Pressing POWER SET:

Up to 12 tons per cycle, by hydraulic system, modern form of PRESS / COMPACT with efficiency, robustness and precision, created and developed by Eco Maquinas for the World;

System to remove the pressed product:

Through withdrawal;

Motion sequence software:

Fitted with sequential movements software loads and press automatic, works with logic and programmable movements with various functions and settings to improve the daily production avoiding waste;

Measures Blocks, Bricks and Floors:

The only machine in the world that produces two measures (30 x 15cm or 12.5 x 25cm) in a single device through the interchangeable mold box, just change it.

Length – 299mm;
Width – 150mm;
Height – up to 140mm;
or Length – 249mm;
Width – 125mm;
Height – up to 140mm;

Modeler Matrices:

Modular Matrices standard;

– 01 upper;
– 01 bottom;
– 01 kit channel matrices;

Mold box:

Made of sheet metal treated and rectified, with exchange of interchangeable dies at the ends;

Columns masters:

Upper and lower biparted, special steel, chromed and rectified with hard chrome;

Temperature controller:

Heated by an electrical resistance in the upper and lower matrix modelling with temporized actuation, regulates the temperature of 0 to 100% of the component potency;


– 4 points for greasing per nozzle;
– Periodic cleaning;

Special paint – Electrostatic powder:

Cleaning degreasing product, phosphatizant and descaling and rinsing at high pressure, ink Electrostatic powder goes to the oven and cure at 210 degrees Celsius, giving longer life to painting;

Dimensions of the product:

– Length:
– Width:
– Height:


By hydraulic and electric block;


Net –
Packed –