Eco Brava

Operational Video 01 – Modular Brick
Operational Video 02 – Canaleta Brick
Operational Video 03 – Massive brick
Operational Video 04 – Matrice Floor Tactile Directional


– It is easier to start your business;
– Fast, Cheap and Practice;
– Pressing hydraulically actuated by a lever;
– Minimum energy consumption;
– Low maintenance cost;

Adequate equipment standards:

– CE Seal (European Community);
– SGS Conformit;
– NR 12 (Work Safety in Machinery and Equipment);
– NR 10 (Security Facilities and Services in Electricity);

Contributing to the security and effective health of the operator / worker and avoiding future problems for the buyer / entrepreneur.


Patent granted in various countries;


By Precision Machining Technology, in materials of different nomenclatures and formulas according to the need required, great wear resistance due to the various types of abrasive materials being pressed. Machine more than 15 years working and producing bricks and floors, certifying our quality and the materials used in our machines;

Operational system:

LOADING THE COMPOUND – manually Effected by the loader box that will run on the lower guides in steel, with low friction coefficient;

OPENING AND CLOSING – Closing and opening of the upper support modeler through automatic articulated arm allowing light mechanical movements;

PRESSING AND REMOVING- Using the lever on the hydraulic system, it is the hydraulic press and the same lever and with the same movement, extracts the brick mold casing to be made with greater ease its removal;


Up to 1,600 units daily (8 hours worked without interruption);

Measures bricks and Floors:

In two versions:

Length – 249mm;
Width – 125mm;
Height – up to 75mm;
or Length – 299mm;
Width – 150mm;
Height – up to 75mm;

Modeler Matrices:

Standard Modular matrices, standard fitting;

– 01 upper modular;
– 01 Lower modular;
– 01 kit channel matrix;

Mold box:

Made in treated and rectified plate with exchange of interchangeable matrices in its ends;


– 2 points for greasing per nozzle for grease;
– Periodic cleaning;

Deposit Box:

Made of steel plates in the conical system with folds, giving added strength. With the supplied deposit box, can produce about 28-32 ecological bricks;


Up to 6 tonnes per cycle;

Hydraulic pump:

Manufactured with the latest technology, light, compact, quiet and has a large power in small volume, perfectly aligned and coupled to the electric motor;

Hydraulic command:

Provided with a lever with dual function: to actuation the pressing and removal of ecological brick, sized to meet the requirements of the machine;

Hydraulic hoses:

Resistant to high pressure, pressed the standardized metal connections, secure, leak-proof and resistant;

Hydraulic cylinder:

Double action and pressing, made with standard materials and in technical standards;

Oil tank:

Special, it is used as a protector of the lower sets, with a total capacity of 13 liters (10 liters for operation), equipped with level and temperature indicator display with cover 1 “for supply and drain 1/2”;

Electric Motor:

3CV, three phase, 220 / 380V, 50 or 60Hz, 4-pole, IP 65 (shielded);

Actuation Key:

Switching on and off with adequate capacity to the engine, flex cable 4 x 2.5 mm, 4 meters long. (Not supplied with plug);

Reinforced structure:

Made in profiles and sheets of special steels (treated or not), designed and dimensioned for each required function, made up of a reinforced base giving robustness to the integrated structure;

Fixation System:

Compound galvanized screws and self-locking nuts;

Mounting System:

We use matrices series production, high performance; giving homogeneous quality (equal to another) the parts produced. The possible need to exchange parts, here on Eco Maquinas you will have no problem with replacement;

Soldering System:

MIG high penetration and resistance, operated by qualified and experienced professionals;


The machine through its chassis provides great stability, dispensed special base in concrete, since its robust structure is fully connected to the master columns;

Special paint – Electrostatic powder:

Cleaning degreasing product, phosphatizant and descaling and rinsing at high pressure, ink Electrostatic powder goes to the oven and cure at 210 degrees Celsius, giving longer life to painting;

Total dimensions of the product:

– Length – 1.010mm (1.01 meters);
– Width – 0.440mm (0.44 meters);
– Height – 1.420mm (1.42 meters);


Net – 174kg
Packed – 205kg

Operational Video 01 – Modular Brick
Operational Video 02 – Canaleta Brick
Operational Video 03 – Massive brick
Operational Video 04 – Matrice Floor Tactile Directional