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Ecological Construction - Beam and Mooring


One of the main factors for sustaining of the constructio are the columns and the maid structure, the Modular Building System has the advantage of embedding the columns on the walls, saving on labor and eliminating the excessive use of concrete and wood.


Some builders embed rebar columns (starts) in the foundation, which is the most appropriate, always following the grautes and openings plant. Others prefer to place the rebar after the settlement of the first row as follows: drill and drill with the same thickness rebar, drill the holes at the locations in the plant and then insert the rebar cut to 1.60m.


When the settlement reach half a meter high, indicated to the first mooring of the support columns using the clips (in the corners and against walls), filling all grautes with thin concrete (3 parts sand 1 part gravel X 1 of cement). Repeat the distribution of clips on the channel rows and between the counter-bending and the lintel.


The Modular Canaleta Brick is distributed throughout the work, being used as beam horizontal mooring, receiving iron and concrete forming a band. The band formed by bricks channel are used in three rows in his work, in counter-yards (below the windows), yards (above doors and windows) and in the last row (before Gables).


In courses that receive the channel bricks simple bricks are used in the corners, and made a pit to conduct hardware and digs walls dating is done in brick own channel.
With the hardware in place, use dercartáveis cups to keep open ducts, before water make specific parts that receive the concrete, this will help the cure.


Using a funnel, first fill the pipeline with the rebars then fill in the channel bricks forming the beam mooring. Prior to complete drying of the concrete, remove the glasses and make a sweep which exceed the height limit.


Remember that the sill of the windows are boosted, ie, before being concreted recommend isolate the third brick below the channel in the whole extension of the ledge, then just make the concret normally.