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  » Prizes of the Company

With more than 18 years of experience in the utilization of stabilized soil and 12 causing a complete change in the market. Our work has been recognized at the nacional and international ambit, and this can be observed through the indications and prizes that the company has been conquering throug the years. This eminence ought to the works toward to the environment, the social and the quality of the machines and equipments. Check the prizes:
Brazilian Quality Prize
Granted in january of 2009, the industry received of the brazilian Art and History Academy (ABACH), Confers the brazilian quality prize to Eco Maquinas - Industry of Commerce importation and Exportation Ltda. For had represent a high index of satisfaction in all the enquiries required by the division of General Coordination of the National Project, in the city of São Paulo - Brasil in January 31, 2009, signed and passed.
  Top of Quality Environmental Prize
Was granted to Eco Máquinas in december of 2009, the Top of Quality Environmental prize that awards as the best eminence the Hydraulic Presses and equipments of the industry. With 4 thousand indications the Eco Máquinas stayed among the 81 national companies laureateds by the order of the parliamentarians from Brazil (OPB), entity built since 1976 by Ulisses Guimarães, considered the most wanted laurel in national and international quality.
International Gold Oscar of the Winners
Granted in February of 2009, by the Associatiom of the Press Professionals from the City of São Paulo - Brazil, on its 10ª edition of the event, that has as an aim to reward the eminences of the year of 2008, in differents international areas.The  Eco Máquinas was the only industry of the segment to be rewarded, due to its ecological proposes against the global warming and in defense of the environment. The Eco Máquinas was represented by its President, Luclécio Festa.
Entrepreneur Marketing Prize
Granted in october of 2008, at the city of São Paulo - Brazil, by the international magazine, Top of Business. The prize considers postures that characterizes an entrepreneur attitude by excelence. The evaluated criterions are, the entrepreneurial philosophy, the client attendance, the quality of the products, market credibility and the efficieny at the operational, tactical and strategic marketing.
Destaque Mérito Empresarial
In the name of  Luclécio Festa, President of Eco Máquinas in the grade of commander, in recognition of the ones who with faith and courage adhered the highers ideals of human nationality and fraternity. This degree was grantee and sealed at the city of São Paulo - Brazil, in January 31, 2009.


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